About platform

Enjoy an ultimate crypto trading on the advanced trade platform for beginners and experienced users
How to open account
Press to Sign Up button, than fill out the Registration form. Your trading account and personal area will be created after your personal details confirmation. Use your e-mail and password to login to your trading account and personal area.
How to make deposit
You need top up your trading account to start buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Login to your personal area and press Deposit button. You will see all available deposit methods. Use  one of these methods to make a deposit. After successful deposit you will see the amount on your trading account in Balance section. Now you are ready to trade cryptocurrencies
How to trade cryptocurrencies
Login to your trading account. Be sure that you have funds on your trading balance. Use Trading menu from the left of the platform to find the cryptocurrency you want to trade. Choose BUY or SELL button to open a trading ticket window. After choosing the trading volume and hitting BUY or SELL a new position will open. To download a Platform Manual, please click here
How to control your positions
Always use take profit and stop loss in order to control your positions and decrease risks. You can set TP and SL level either by rate or by amount. Note your open PnL level as well as equity level and avoid margin call situations.
How to use charts
Enter to the trading platform and choose one of the cryptocurrencies from the menu in the left. After hitting chart icon near the asset you will see the chart in the right of the platform. Use different chart types and timeframes to explore price movements. You can easily enlarge charts in order to get better view.
How to use signals
Enter to Trading signals area on the trading platform. Use a list from the left side and choose signals depending on their strength, timeframe and trading pattern. After hitting to the signal you will see a full pattern analyses from the right side. Choose you preferred trading volume and by hitting BUY or SELL you can open a new position.