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Trading Strategies

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion. Learn our strategies and increase the efficiency of your trading
Find out the simple trading strategies that were developed by successful traders. Using these strategies will help you to learn the markets and decrease risks. In order to maximize your profits, you should develop your own trading strategy based on the strategies below or a different one. Additionally, you can ask our consultants help you with creating your own winning strategy!


The high intro day volatility of crypto currencies gives unique opportunity to make profit by opening short time deals. Using small timeframes allow to open a big amount of deals and make good profit
Trading Strategies Scalping

Trend trading

Cryptocurrency is a 24/7 asset with clear bullish trend and short consolidations in many cases. Following the trend using basic financial technical indicators for drawdowns can be very effective. For example, Fibonacci tools can be used to find retracement levels.
Trading Strategies Trend trading


Create your own portfolio of several growing cryptocurrencies and decrease your risks. Manage your long run investment by adding new assets with maximal potential.
Trading Strategies Investing

News trading

Trading on cryptocurrency related news can be crucial. You can never estimate the power of the news in trading. On February, 2017 some of the world’s biggest tech and financial companies announced a development of new technology to simplify how enterprises can utilize Etherum’s blockchain. This was followed by a bullish rally that led to around 100% price gains, so traders who had been following the news, managed to make record-breaking profits.
Trading Strategies News trading